Leadership that drives innovation

Our team has delivered innovative products across autonomy, aerospace and defense sectors.

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Our Leadership Team

Dmitry Turbiner

Founder & CEO

  • EE MIT & Stanford

Okie Williams

Co-Founder & CTO

  • Apple
  • EE MIT

Chip Wolcott

SVP of Engineering

  • Executive-level Chief Engineer, Raytheon Strategic Systems and Sensors (S3)
  • Missile Defense Radar Leadership Roles incl. Aegis, Patriot, THAAD, AN/TPY-2, SBX

Sergio Rodriguera Jr.

SVP of Govt

  • AI/ML Lead (Boston Fed), Professional Staff (House Financial Services Committee), Advisor (US Treasury)
  • Naval Intelligence Officer (CJCS), Defense Fellow (SO/LIC)

Adam Art

Director of Architecture and Systems Engineering

  • Principal Engineering Fellow and System Architect, LTAMDS, Raytheon
  • Missile Defense Radar Leadership Roles incl. AN/TPY-2, SBX, UEWR, Cobra Dane

Jeff Peacock

Director of Software Engineering

  • Engineering Fellow, Chief Product Owner, IPT Lead Raytheon
  • Leader for large scale software development efforts incl. AN/TPY-2, FSSM&I, Qatar ADOC and JLENS

Cody Daniel

Chief Product Officer

  • Co-founder 3Scan (Strateos)
  • MechE MIT

William J. Haynes

Strategic Counselor

  • EVP, CSRA (General Dynamics)
  • Chief Corporate Counsel, Chevron
  • General Counsel, DoD ('01-08)

Tricia Nelson

Chief of Staff

  • Director of Communications
  • University of Minnesota

Our Advisory Board

Admiral Timothy Keating

US NAVY (Retired)

  • Commander INDO-PACOM ('07-09)
  • Commander NORAD / NORTHCOM ('04-07)

Mark Quinn

Raytheon (Retired)

  • Executive Director, Raytheon Technologies Patriot Air Defense Product Line
  • Director Missile Defense Radar Development and Production Programs

Our Investors

“General Radar will redefine the radar industry,” said Octave Ventures’ Michael Kim, who is joining General Radar’s board of directors. “The innovations it is bringing to market will significantly enhance the capabilities and reduce the cost of aerospace radar, while also opening up an exciting range of new commercial applications. We believe that General Radar is a company with a very compelling future.”

“As ardent believers in the power and relevance of General Radar’s technology, Disruptive is thrilled to participate in this round. Now more than ever, we believe that General Radar’s innovations will empower the United States and its allies to address the most critical national security threats of the 21st century.” said Disruptive’s CEO Alex Davis.

"From a venture investor perspective, there are 5 defining characteristics of the HardTech startups that we like to invest in:

  • They contain Hardcore science/engineering
  • They involve Hardware – in addition to software
  • They're Hard to do
  • If done right, they're Hard to copy
  • The 'venture-able' ones are Hard to find

General Radar definitely fits that bill."